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Adult Prospects

I always hate making these kinds of posts. But it’s time. Time for growth in different ways than the number of my dogs I currently have! As much as I love my puppy homes, the homes for my retired or adult girls are priceless. Lulu, Isabella, and most likely Truffles are all looking for homes this spring. And perhaps some others later in the year. Lulu will be 5 years old this spring. She’s our blanket, stuffed animal sucking pack leader. She never causes a fight, but never backs down. She’s got a strong, rarely vocal command. A real pleasure to have. She’s housebroken, crate trained, does very well on a leash. She loves tracking and exploring. She’s an amazing dog with children, even toddlers. It seems she has a special touch there. Lulu is already spayed. Isabella is 3.5 years old. She’s our sweet wild child. She’s always on the go, instigating play, and thinks she’s queen. But she’s always ready to slide in home base by your side for her neck rubs. She’d love an active outdoorsy family, or one with older children that can handle her sometimes rambunctiousness! I‘d say she’s 50-60% potty trained, and should be very easy to get it concreted in her mind. She will be spayed before she leaves. I’ve not 100% made my mind up about Truffles yet. She’ll be 2 years old this spring. If I think she’d be a good fit, I probably won’t turn down the option. I’d like to do some agility classes or something of the sort to see if that would interest her. Her temperament is very much like her mother’s. Please fill out the questionnaire if you’re interested and think you would be a good fit.

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