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About Me and

History of Mae'cee Beagles

A Journey begun, and yet traveled....

    This all started many years before it really started. Born with a love for animals and growing up with exotic birds, rabbits, cats, pigs, and mixed breed dogs... I knew that one day I wanted to raise pure bred dogs. When I first really began to look at pure breed dogs, I looked at several. I really liked Slovensky Cuvacs, but if I got those I wanted to have sheep, and that wasn’t a possibility then. My second choice was English Cream Golden Retrievers. And thirdly -only because my mom thought she didn’t like them, and I wasn’t sure how I would get around that one -BEAGLES! But for several more years nothing happened.

    Then suddenly and quickly my dream began to unfold and become a reality. In October 2015, I read in the local paper an advertisement for beagle puppies. We went and looked at them and in November came home with a little male who we named Pooch. In December, I was looking on PuppyFind and came across a beautiful four month old female in Virginia. So beautiful, within my budget, and still available. I couldn’t believe it! Lucy (Lady Lucy of Country Kingdom) had been sold, but due to a situation with the family who had bought her, she was needing a new home. My mom and I made the 11 hour drive to Virginia and picked her up. After that I realized there was a world to beagles I had no ideaexisted. I started doing a lot of research on show beagles though at that point I wasn’t ready to show. A few weeks after we got Lucy, the elderly breeder who I got her from called us. She was getting old and not as able to take care of her beagles anymore. Impressed with me, she wanted me and my family to have her dogs if we would want them. We said, “Yes!” Towards the end of March, my whole family went and picked up them - Prince, Ellie, Sasha, And Daisy. I was now sixteen, and my whole family including my mom fell in love with my dogs.


I waited eagerly till October 2016 when we went and picked up four month old Duke from the airport. What a sweetie!






Daisy, Ellie, Sasha

I researched my dogs pedigrees, and realized what I needed to do. The breeder I purchased my dogs from had originally purchased her dogs - three females and one male - from Jon Woodring. After discovering the male she had purchased was sterile, she bought a male hunting beagle to breed. Thus all the beagles, I now owned were not fully show. I wanted to start breeding toward show quality dogs. That summer I sold Pooch to a man who wanted another hunting beagle, and began my search for a show male. I looked some in the states, but, especially since I did not intend to show then, I realized I was going to have some difficulty getting what I wanted. So when I discovered Kristol Rok Beagles in Ukraine, I fell in love. They had a litter then, and in a few weeks after finding them I chose Joy Kristol Rok (Duke).


In memory of my first puppy to die from one of my first litters in 2016 - Bo was a beautiful puppy that was born with a digestive disorder. After fighting for him to live, he passed away at about 12 weeks.

​2017 - the first main event of importance occurred in February when Lucy was bred to
a stud dog CH Buckridge the Buck Stops Here. In April, three beautiful females were born. Of this litter we kept Princess Lulu Bucking a Ridge in Country Kingdom (Lulu).

2018 - March saw me visiting my first dog show. We drove to Louisville to the Kentuckiana Cluster. It was a great experience that I learned a lot from. I decided I wanted to have Duke shown. I wasn’t sure where to go from there. April saw me at my second show in South Bend, IN. I looked around for a while, but could find no show groomer... Finally one day in May on my way home from work I decided to stop in at a nice grooming shop that I had always assumed was a pet groomer. I was wrong, and I met my future groomer and though I didn’t know it yet - handler. I scheduled an appointment in June for Duke to be groomed. I graduated from high school the end of May. Duke to his appointment was groomed up, and we decided to have him handled. A week later, I left to work in a Children’s Home for a year in Baja California Mexico. Thanks to my mom and friends, my dogs were well taken care of.


2019 - Duke finished his championship in the beginning of May. We had a beautiful litter of puppies born in April from our Duke and Lucy.  We kept Lacey and look forward to what she may mean to us.


2020 - We moved to Syracuse, Indiana and built a kennel.  We had some lovely litters which we kept three puppies from - Truffles, Carrie, and Jazz.  As well, I was thrilled to take a one day vacation to beautiful Seattle to pick up our pretty little Jewel from Kazuri Beagles.  I co-own Jewel with Sarah Sweetman, her breeder.  


2021 - So far been pretty uneventful.  I made the decision to change my kennel name from Country Kingdom to Mae'cee.  Mae'cee is a combination of the two beginning letters of my mom's and my name just with different spellings.  I could not do this without her.  All the puppies are growing up.  I spent February to May in Mexico.  We are really looking forward to showing some of our girls to their championships.  And hopefully, we will welcome some puppies later in the year.

I have had many experiences since I have started, and it’s definitely not been always the easiest. But I have learned from my experiences (good and bad), and will continue to build on them.
Special THANKS to the breeders and friends who have made this possible and given me words of wisdom. Also, I will always be thankful to my family for allowing me to have this privilege. And many thanks to my mom, who has always been there to encourage me, cry and laugh with me, help me vaccinate the puppies, clean with me, and finally take care of my dogs while I am away.

Cynthia Pamer

...Loving the breed...

May 2021

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