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    Beagles are a small size breed.  The American Kennel Club recognizes two height divisions - 13" and under, and 15" and under.  They range from under 20 pounds to 30 pounds.  They can be any true hound color.  These fun loving, curious, happy affectionate hounds rank the fifth most popular dog breed.  Beagles make wonderful companions. Adult beagles do wonderful with children, even toddlers.
    Beagles require a fair amount of exercise, not only because they are typically energetic but also to maintain healthy. Beagles are generally a healthy breed. A major key to maintaining their health is their diet - including what they eat and how much they eat. Beagles can quickly become overweight even just from an overabundance of treats.  
    A beagle's coat is dense and of a medium length. Beagles do shed, and need to be brushed frequently to keep their coat healthy and to help control the shedding.
    Beagles are pack dogs, and do not do well without interaction with people or other dogs. If left alone to long, your dog may become lonely, depressed, and destructive.



Below are a few links to learn more about beagle health concerns, care...

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Ruth Darlene Stewart is the Chairperson for the National Beagle Club Health and Genetics Committee.  She's done invaluable things for the breed.  Here is the link to her website where she has lots of information on beagle health and much more:

Here's what AKC says about the breed and some history:

The Beagle Standard: It's basically a blueprint for breeders.   We try to produce beagles that match this as close as possible to preserve the breed. We follow the breed standard set by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Judges in conformation shows also use this to evaluate breeding stock.

Pocket Beagles are not a recognized breed.  They're basically runts from poorly bred dogs.   Here's more information on "Pocket Beagles."

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