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2022 Litters

We're excited to announce that our girl "Mercy" Mercedes Simpatica PS (Polish import) has been bred to group winning BISS GCH Allegro's Lucky Number Slevin "Kelevra." We eagerly wait to confirm pregnancy. Classic tricolors, dilute tricolors (blue), and bicolors possible in this litter. Kelevra is Embark health tested, normal thyroid, good hips, and CERF and Cardiac tested. Mercy is Embark panel clear, LaFora epilepsy clear, and normal thyroid. Click here for pedigree. Planning a breeding is never easy, and the shipping companies these days

don't make it any easier. Kelevra lives in California, so we opted for getting a fresh chilled semen collection shipped overnight for the breeding. It arrived a whole day late in hot weather. All the icepacks were melted, but it was still cool enough and the semen quality still good. The vet feels like we have a good chance for puppies. We eagerly wait to confirm Mercy's pregnancy. If we indeed have puppies on board, we expect them to be born the middle of September.

We have two other really exciting breedings planned! When they'll take place depends on the interest I have or if Mercy is indeed pregnant.

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