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Dog Show and Updates!

We have had lots of things going on! First off, we still have one lovely 7.5 month old puppy available from our "Impact Litter." Audrey is a small 15" beagle with moderate energy, excellent food drive, and trainability. She's a sweet girl and will make a wonderful pet. We are expecting a new litter next week from Chevy x Jewel. At this point, all puppies are spoken for. Last weekend, we were at a dog show. Maple, "Mae'cee Don't Stop Be Leafing," our keeper puppy from the Walter x Lacey litter made her debut in the 4-6 month beginner puppy competition at five months old. She did very well, and garnered a puppy hound group one. We're really excited to see what's in store for her! Unfortunately, Sprinkles had no 13" competition once again. But we got lots of great practice in, showing in both owner handler and regular groups after breed. We even made it on AKC TV, although by that time she wasn't feeling like showing anymore!

Maple's Debut

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