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New Beagle Litter!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

On August 20, we welcomed our new and last planned beagle litter for this year. Lacey whelped seven beautiful tricolor babies - two males and four females plus one angel baby. This litter has been thought about for a long time. I wasn't planning for it this year, but when a different breeding failed we decided to do this one. Lacey produced a beautiful litter for me almost two years ago from which I kept Chip and Spinkles. I used a similar stud dog as I did for that litter and hoped for similar good results! Walter, BISS BGCH Meadow Crest's Just Call Me Sir, is the sire of this litter. He only lives an hour aways from me with his breeder who has been in beagles for a very long time. She helped evaluate my litter that I ended up keeping Lacey from, and I've had the chance to see Walter multiple times over the years. I was privileged to watch Walter win top stud dog along other prestigious wins at the National Speciality in 2021.

My mom so wonderfully cared for the litter for three weeks until I got to see them for the first time. So my photo collection of their first weeks is very slim! I do have some videos that I'll gladly share with prospective buyers. I'll share some photos up to their six week pictures in this blog post. The puppies have been weaned and are still trying to get a good grip on their litter box. We're very please with their development so far.

4 Weeks Old!

They had their first outdoor excursion at four weeks old. They weren't sure what to think!

6 Weeks Old!

They're a lot braver outside now and have discovered the outdoors is a great place to be. Check out the Impact Litter-14 week blog post to glimpse their interaction with the older puppies. I also have some really sure videos to share from this age!

More pictures of their sire Walter.

A whole pile of prestigious wins at the National Beagle Speciality at 10 years old, including Best Stud Dog! Here's an amazing picture of him with some of his progeny!

And here's a couple younger pictures of Walter.

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