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New Champion and More....

Last weekend was an amazing, unforgettable week. I went to the dog show on Thursday with the hopes that I would get Sonya's championship finished between Thursday and Friday, and I really had no other big dreams for the weekend. Was I ever surprised! Carrie went WB/BOW/BOV over her mom and a special for two points. That was fantastic, my first BOV win and with a puppy I bred too! And the extra exciting part was that I would get to play in the group ring for the first time ever. Carrie showed her little heart out and we placed third! I still can hardly believe it, but there's a big gold rosette laying on the desk in my bedroom. Sonya ended up going WB and BOW for two points to finish her championship on Friday. We worked so hard for that! And we finally got it! Nearly nine month old Sprinkles and Chip went reserve to the majors on Saturday.

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