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The Impact Litter - 11 weeks old

I've gotten behind here on my blog posts! At 11 weeks old, our first puppy went to his new home. Blake went to live with a beagle loving family who has one of our beagles from a previous litter as well as another. Blake, now known as Spud to fit in with his beagle siblings

Sweet Potato and French Fry, settled right in and is doing very well with his potty training...

Purebred Beagle Puppies
Blake hanging out in the garden before leaving.

Kate, Jenna, and Aiden are still waiting for the right homes to find them. They're beautiful puppies who will make fabulous companions.

Audrey will be staying with us. Initially, I had chosen Jenna to stay. It was a hard decision as I love Jenna dearly, but Audrey has some things conformationally that will be a greater asset to our breeding program.

Available Beagle companion
Bath, Snuggle, Nap

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