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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

It's been a little while since I've posted anything. I've not had any litters for over a year now. We did very little showing this year, but did accomplish one goal in getting Sonya's championship. We also got more health testing done on our dogs. The big news is that I got married in November and moved to Ohio. There's a lot I could say about my husband Jeremy, but to put it in a few words - he's amazing and helps me trim dog nails and take dog pictures, etc... Unfortunately the duplex we were able to get does not allow dogs, so for the time being the dogs are still at my mom's house in Indiana. We're very thankful for my mom for her continued care of our dogs in-between our visits.

That being said, we are wanting to downsize. Isabella turned four years old this past summer. She's spayed, recently had a dental done. She's never had any health issues. She's a bit sensitive, but super sweet. She plays like she's a puppy and always will be.

I've also decided that for now, I am not able to keep any male dogs. It was a difficult decision to make. My boys have the best temperaments and are not moody and aggravating to other pack members like the girls. However, Duke has discovered many ways to get to the girls when they are in heat including climbing our 6 feet kennels. His absence will be a welcome to no more accidental litters. He will be seven next June so it's a good time for him to go to a forever home, though I always thought that my home would be that one. Duke will make an amazing family companion for someone. He's strong and stubborn, but is very laidback and loves children. He will be collected and neutered before I place him.

My boy Chip who just turned one year old is also available to the right home. I prefer to find a local guardian home that will allow him to be shown, health tested, and collected for breeding. We also have a litter due around the 1st of the year and another one a couple weeks later. Please if you're interested in any of these dogs or a puppy from one of our upcoming litters fill out the questionnaire.

- Cynthia Tovstiga (Pamer)


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